Why Builders Need Builders Insurance

Builders insurance covers buildings during the construction process. With builders insurance your construction project will be covered against theft, fire, vandalism and wind damage. It is needed but often overlooked. Not having coverage could end up being very costly. Knowing that you are covered will give you peace of mind. You do not want to face the full cost of recovering lost equipment and supplies should disaster strike.

Construction site theft has been on the rise. Supplies and equipment are expensive and thieves have taken notice. Construction equipment is easy to steal and resell on the black-market. Some sources estimate that over $500 million worth of equipment have been lost due to theft. This figure does not even account for profit loss due to decreased productivity.

The national fire protection administration reports that $9.5 billion in property damage was done in 2013 alone. Fire can strike at any time and result in heavy repair costs. Fires can be caused by many factors including electrical issues or flammable objects around the construction site.

Millions are lost each year due to vandalism. Preventative measures such as placing a fence, or installing lights and surveillance equipment can be taken but are not guaranteed to deter vandals. Some of the motivating factors that lead to vandalism are peer pressure, aggression and mental instability. Vandalism effects both profits and morale.

Wind damage is another threat to construction sites. Strong winds and occur almost anywhere and are a threat to both supplies and equipment. Depending on your location they can take the form of strong storms, tornados or hurricanes. However, even wind gusts of 35 MPG can cause damage and repairs can be very costly. Click here for more information.

Builders insurance provides protection against these very real threats. Getting caught without builders insurance in a disaster could be financially debilitating and the cost of repairs could put a huge strain on profits. Make sure your construction site is covered from these very real threats. Click here for more info.

Renters Insurance – Why You Need It

Renters insurance is sometimes a slippery slope to go down. Should I get it or should I not? Is it worth the trouble? But I’m a responsible person, why do I need it? Folks that rent often ask themselves those questions everyday. So let’s set the record straight about renters insurance, shall we?

First off, renter’s insurance is fairly inexpensive, at $120 dollars for the entire year, it’s worth having if your home is damaged by water, fire or any other natural disaster.

Secondly, it’s important to truly value what you have in your home at the right price. It’s easy to have $20,000 in possessions and not even know it. So before you submit your application, get your numbers right so everything you own is truly covered so you get what you are paying for if anything were to happen.

Next, once you have your list you’ve submitted it on your application, keep a list for your records. It’s important to have a list so in the event of an emergency, you can account for everything that was inside at the moment that disaster struck.

And finally, decide which form of renters insurance is right for you. In the renters insurance world, their are two different forms of plans. One is an Actual Cash Value or ACV plan and the other is a Replacement Value Plan or RV. The difference between the two is that if your property is damaged, ACV will take a depreciated look at the items that were lost in the accident. Giving you less money back and not the full amount that was lost. With Replacement Value, you receive the full payment and the exact price for what the product was bought for.

So with that, consider getting renters insurance if you don’t already have it. It’s a small price to pay for what could very easily be a big problem if the proper steps aren’t taken before an accident occurs. For some of the best renters insurance around, visit Jones Insurance!

Health Insurance Costs

Welcome to our first blog post!  I wanted to share a video about health insurance costs.  It can get kind of confusing with what all you are paying for.  Check out this video by Consumer Reports on understanding your health insurance costs.